Local News


The old Blockbuster building on Colne’s high street could be set to be restored, after a planning application has been received on the building.

MUGA move begins

Work has now started on the removal of the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) and the former Astro Turf from Vivary Way. This, unfortunately, is being turned into a car park for both Lloyds BMW and Boundary Mill, following the decisions taken by the previous Labour and Lib Dem adminisitration.

Big Boost for Local Transport

Today The Transport Secretary announced the next stage of progress into the feasibility of reopening of the Skipton to Colne railway line. This will include a look into the freight and commercial demand for a new cross-Pennine route.

Labour and Lib Dems block move to four-yearly elections

In an attempt to save your money and bring long-term stability to Pendle Borough Council, the Conservative Administration brought forward their manifesto commitment to move to elections once every four years.  At the moment, Pendle Council has elections every year – costing the taxpayers tens of

We will remember them!

Today, we attend parades to commemorate those brave men and women who have paid the highest price for our freedom.

Skipton Old Road repairs complete

Skipton Old Road in Colne was named as one of the most dangerous roads in Pendle, after it became littered in deep potholes forcing drivers onto the other side of the road. It has now been repaired with a large section of the road being completely resurfaced. 

Nurse Noel marks 40 years’ service

Councillor for Blacko and Higherford, Noel McEvoy, recently joined other NHS workers at a reception hosted by the Prime Minister in 10 Downing Street. The reception marked the 70th birthday of the NHS and also recognised some of the unsung heroes who’ve worked in the NHS for over 40 years.

Pendle Council to reduce Housing Targets

Being hailed as a victory for green space across Pendle, the Conservative Administration started the process of reducing Housing Targets from 298 homes per year.