Go safe, go 20 Campaign

HELP HOWARD MAKE OUR STREETS SAFER: The campaign to stop speeding in our village!

The biggest issue that has been raised in our village is speeding and the danger it poses to local people. This is particularly an issue on Wheatley Lane Road, running through the heart of the village. That’s why Howard Hartley has started a Go Safe, Go 20 campaign. To keep you and your family safe on our streets.

Howard is asking local people to display in their windows – so passing in cars see that our village takes a zero-tolerance approach to speeding. If you would like a poster, please email office@pendleconservatives.co.uk

Howard would also like to hear your thoughts on speeding and other local issues in the village, will you help us tackle issues in
our village for you and your family?

Below is a short survey, please let us know your views so we can take action.

Speeding Survey

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