We will remember them!

Today, we attend parades to commemorate those brave men and women who have paid the highest price for our freedom.

100 years ago today, guns fell silent and the first World War ended. But millions of soldiers wouldn’t make it home to their families and the freedom they so bravely gave their lives to protect.

Just 19 years later, millions more would boldly give their lives in the Second World War. They fought to protect our freedom, our democracy and our Country. They liberated millions suffering under Nazi rule, ending torture, tyranny and genocide across Europe. 

Thousands more have died since those World Wars, gallantly protecting our Country from those that would seek to destroy us. 

We will always remember those who gave their tomorrows, so we can live our todays. But we also hold in our minds those brave men and women who are currently serving our Country across the globe. 

You are the embodiment of everything that is great about our Country. We will always remember the sacrifices you have made and continue to make to protect our families and our Country. Thank you.