Pendle Council to reduce Housing Targets

Being hailed as a victory for green space across Pendle, the Conservative Administration started the process of reducing Housing Targets from 298 homes per year. The process, that is expected to take around 18 months to complete, will see consultation with the Public and other agencies, allowing the residents of Pendle to have their say. 

Local campaigner, Ian Lyons, commented, “This a big step towards ensuring the local green spaces are protected for years to come. I, along with thousands of people across Pendle, want to make sure that my children, and my children’s children can enjoy our fantastic countryside and all it has to offer and the only way for that to be possible is to make sure houses aren’t build all over it. I want to thank the current administration for all they are doing to protect these important local assets.”

As part of their election manifesto, the Conservatives proposed this move to ensure Pendle only builds as many houses at needed, reducing the demand on Pendle’s countryside.

Leader of Pendle Council, Paul White, commented, “This is a big step towards securing the future of our greenspaces in Pendle. Whilst this process will take some time to complete, we will continue to do all we can as a Council to reduce the burden on our green spaces and promoted brownfield development. It’s important that we continue to build more affordable and quality homes in Pendle, but we should only build at the level we need.”